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Bridge Construction:
With more than 70 years experience in bridge construction,
A. M. Tuck, Inc. has played a major role in the growing infrastructure in South Carolina. As a heavy highway construction contractor, A. M. Tuck has constructed hundreds of bridges, specializing in poured in place reinforced concrete flat slabs, prestressed concrete girders and structural steel bridges.

Culverts are constructed in areas where hydrological conditions allow for a smaller structure than a bridge. Culverts usually range from single barrel up to triple barrel structures. A. M. Tuck, Inc. has specialized in poured in place culvert construction for over 70 years and at one time was responsible for the construction of over 90 percent of the culverts in the State of South Carolina. A. M. Tuck, Inc. continues to be a leader in the culvert construction business.

Concrete Slipforming:
A. M. Tuck, Inc. uses the latest slipform technology for the placement of concrete median barrier. With well over a 100 miles of concrete median barrier slipformed in the State of South Carolina, A. M. Tuck, Inc. has help to set the standard for concrete median barrier construction.

Drainage Structures:
A. M. Tuck, Inc. has the experience necessary to construct all types of drainage structures. Completed projects have included concrete spillways, intake structures and concrete drainage ditches.